Stephen Hays, Managing Partner

Stephen Hays
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By taking the time to carefully evaluate opportunities and freeing himself to be open to new ideas and people, Managing Partner Stephen Hays has developed a knack for discovering markets and emerging businesses with extremely high potential. He began investing in the exploding esports industry by following his own passion for video gaming, bringing together his two greatest motivators: funding someone else’s dreams while concurrently having fun chasing his own.

As a value-added investor, Stephen relies on his prior experience advising companies of all sizes on capital structure, capital raising, M&A, governance, and strategic alternatives. He brings a hands-on approach to Deep Space’s portfolio of companies, rolling up his sleeves to apply his tactical financial and banking expertise in the earliest stages, building effective structural foundations and capital-raising mechanisms that power long-term growth and skyrocketing value.

Prior to Deep Space Ventures, Stephen spent more than six years as an investment banker in New York City and Dallas, covering multi-industrial, aerospace and defense, and transportation companies with an emphasis on M&A and capital markets.

He received his undergraduate degree from the United States Military Academy at West Point and his MBA from Vanderbilt.

When Stephen isn’t on the road with a founder, or closing the next funding round, you can find him in Discord, playing PUBG with founders, friends and often members of the OpTic Gaming family.

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