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We support entrepreneurs who are driven to win and inspired by a competitive spirit. If you’ve got an emerging business that needs a strategic, hands-on funding partner, tell us why you’re worth the investment.

Mobalytics wins at TechCrunch Drisrupt

Are you driven to win?

We’re ready to play.

Let’s get started. Email your pitch to us at info@deepspacevc.com.

Here’s what we want to see in your playbook:

  • Why is your idea destined to become the “next big thing” in your space?

  • Who’s on your team, and why are they the best people for the job? (Send us their LinkedIn profile links.)

  • What have you done that demonstrated excellence and a competitive spirit? (It doesn’t matter if you won a business award, a skateboarding championship, or a high school band competition—we fund founders who have a strong desire to win.)

  • Why is the potential for success high in your market space?

  • What’s your competitive edge in that space?

  • How much money have you raised, and how much are you raising now?

  • What type of financial forecast have you prepared so far, and what are your assumptions for growth?

  • What’s your intended use of the proceeds?

  • What’s your ultimate exit strategy?

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