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Esports has an enormous, enthusiastic fan base, with hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide watching tournaments online and live. This fanatical, international audience is hungry for more—and Deep Space and its portfolio companies are perfectly positioned to give them all of the competitive excitement they crave.

Nielsen ratings reveal that esports viewership is catching up to traditional sports viewership, creating a giant and virtually untapped market for companies with the right innovations and leadership to make their mark. Yet many startups remain under-monetized. All they need is an investor who believes in their ideas and is willing to support their dreams both financially and operationally—that’s where we come in.

Our diverse portfolio of investments encompasses everything from the premier gaming organization in the world to startups that are changing the game through sponsorships, tournaments, marketing, better internet connectivity, new platforms, artificial intelligence, and other innovations.

The esports industry is exploding with possibility, and we want to be the investment firm behind the next big success story. If you’ve got a great idea for an esports business, we’ve got the spark (and capital and knowledge) that will light it on fire. Let’s talk.

North America League of Legends Championship Series

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Our investments build infrastructure around the gaming and esports scene by:

  • Helping people get better at playing their games

  • Building community within the gaming ecosystem

  • Improving gaming experiences for players and fans

  • Connecting brands with highly engaged consumers

Our Thoughts: Investing in Esports

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