Author: Stephen Hays

How to Invest in Esports

I receive a lot of inbound communication from investors seeking exposure to gaming and esports (for the purposes of this discussion, I will consider the esports sector to be all encompassing of gaming, esports, and adjacent markets). The esports industry is hot right now, and many investors feel like they are missing out. When they look for investment opportunities, often it becomes clear, there is not an ample supply of investment opportunities in esports.

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Esports Industry News and Resources

What should you read if you want to get an understanding of the esports landscape? What are the latest trends? How big is the space?

I receive a lot of inbound calls about the gaming and esports industries. Most of those calls are from investors looking to get exposure to the space. I’ve been pointing them to resources and thought it was time to curate a short list of where I recommend people go to get up to speed.

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Who is Investing in Esports Startups?

As I’ve written about before in The Birth of a Venture Capital Investment Thesis and Why Invest in Esports, the Esports market is huge, has intense user engagement and is growing at an astronomical rate. There is great potential for incredible founders, with excellent ideas, to build businesses that generate outsized returns for early-stage investors in the space.

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Why Invest in Esports? Common Questions About Esports: Answered

As previously discussed in The Birth of a Venture Capital Investment Thesis, we are passionate about investing in early stage esports startups.

When I tell people about this focus area (family, friends, other investors, etc.), I usually get a pretty tight shot-group of questions about esports. Often the questions are accompanied by a look that conveys what I call “nerd shaming.” You know that look, when people feel sorry for you because you are just not cool –  oh wait, maybe you don’t.

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The Birth of a Venture Capital Investment Thesis

As a new VC, I often ponder the investment theses that drive other, more established investors. I look at their clear focus, specific direction, and well-articulated investment goals with a bit of envy. I’m not sure how other investors were able to develop their strategies. However, I wanted to share my thoughts on why Deep Space Ventures has thus far primarily focused where we have. We are a seed and series-A investor and we started out with a B2B focus (which we still have) and we have recently started building a portfolio, and a thesis around the Esports space as well. If you’re a founder in one of these spaces with a seed stage business, then we want to meet you.
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