A Tactical Approach to Expanding Value

Founded in 2016, Deep Space Ventures is a Dallas-based venture capital firm that limits our portfolio to the rising stars of the most innovative industries: founders who have demonstrated excellence with domain expertise in rapidly growing markets and with a stellar idea.

Few others have invested in the esports arena as early, as often, and as broadly as Deep Space Ventures. By being in the right place at the right time with the right ideas, Deep Space has taken on a lead role within this booming market segment and contributed to its meteoric rise. We have rapidly grown to become one of the most prolific investors within the esports market space, while supporting emerging businesses in other high-tech industries, such as B2B enterprise software and consumer financial technology.

Are you ready?

We’re ready to take the next great gaming and business idea on a trajectory to stratospheric growth.

Unlike larger venture capital firms that focus most of their resources on portfolio companies nearing the later stages of their business cycle, Deep Space Ventures takes a tactical approach at the earliest stage. By providing hands-on assistance with early organizational governance, capital raising, accounting and financial management, and critical partnership introductions, we set companies up for rapid growth and exponentially expanding value.

Investment Portfolio

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