Publicly Announced Investments

Portfolio Composition

by Founding Team Diversity

53% Have At Least 1 Founder From an Underrepresented Group

by Geography

68% of our Investments Are in Texas Based Companies

Initial Investment by Stage

Majority of our Initial Checks Are Seed Stage Investments

by Thesis

B2B Software and Esports are Our Primary Focus Areas

Target Investment Profile

Focus Areas

Most of our investments fit into 1 of 2 categories: B2B Enterprise Software and Esports.  We do opportunistically make investments outside of these areas when deal dynamics support it.


We seek to invest in businesses led by founders who have world-class leadership abilities, and have demonstrated excellence in their prior experience.

Investment Size & Stage

Our investments range between $100,000 and $1,000,000.  Check size is determined by the stage of the business and our role in the transaction.  Our preference is for our first check to be pre series-A, and then continue to make follow-on investments, but we have invested (infrequently) in later stage deals.


We are based in Dallas, TX.  From an investment perspective we are geography agnostic.  We are focused on what we consider "capital inefficient" markets, which can be geographies as well as industries where institutional seed stage capital is relatively less available in our opinion.


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